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Effective People Practices as a Business Priority

A Trusted, Competent and Responsive HR Business Partner


Partnering as a trusted advisor to offer best practice guidance on establishing your HR function from the start.


Coming along side your existing HR staff to support on an as-needed basis when time or expertise are not available.


Providing a full range of consulting services with a depth of experience and knowledge in most all HR disciplines.

Welcome to On Course HR

Providing small to medium-sized businesses access to quality, affordable and time-saving HR expertise to effectively navigate solutions for compliance, employee engagement and business growth.

Focus & attention on improving the workplace for business success.

Effective people management practices allow companies to create an optimal environment where they are recruiting, engaging, and retaining the right talent, focused on the right things at the right time for the business. It is a concept that maximizes the effectiveness of the employee life cycle to achieve desired business results.

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Practical Solutions to
Optimize Human Resources.

Whether an established business with existing HR or an emerging business recognizing the need for on-site or start-up HR services, On Course HR Consulting can bring professional, competent guidance and value-added solutions to your business.

Human Resources Assessment

A valuable evaluation of your HR practices

Employee Relations

Effective employee relationships through productive communication

Workplace Policies

Well crafted, compliant, and communicated policies

Recruit and Hire

The quest for the best! Bringing the right talent into your organization

Performance Management

Frequent and meaningful coaching and feedback sessions

Compensation and Benefits

Building and maintaining a strong total rewards system

Launch HR for Start Ups

An effective HR function built for the unique needs of your business

HR Strategy

HR strategy aligned with broader business goals

Sound Familiar?
On Course Offers Services When:

Recruiting and onboarding processes could be more effective or efficient

You may be losing business, momentum or burning out existing staff when recruiting processes stack up and cannot acquire key talent in a timely way - ensuring they are set up for success from the start.

The business is going through an organizational change

Organizational changes can be exciting for the business.  Make sure your new structure gets off the ground most effectively with role clarity and accountability.

HR Processes would benefit from an assesment for compliance and contemporary best practice

Taking a close-up look at your human resources practices, policies, documentation and systems in place today can help to identify needed improvements to enhance the HR function and check for required compliance with the vast array of rules and regulations.

The business is growing and wants to ensure the HR function is set up right from the start

Knowing when and how to begin formalizing HR for the business to establish a scalable foundation needed for continued growth

The internal HR function may be overwhelmed or lack the knowledge or experience to complete a vital project

For times when the needed expertise or resources are not available internally to complete an HR-related initiative or project for the business.

The business is experiencing a lack of employee engagement or increased turnover

Helping the business uncover and address the root causes of lacking employee engagement and increased turnover

Employee performance and total rewards could use better alignment

Aligning goals and performance with employee compensation is critical to drive business results

HR policies and processes are undocumented or inadequately communicated

Missing the opportunity to document and communicate workplace policies likely creates confusion, inconsistencies, and exposure for the business

Your people managers could use training

Ensure people managers are adequately skilled for their role in hiring, engaging and retaining top talent for the business

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Advice on tough HR issues and insightful recommendations for best practice implementation

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Flexible, cost effective per project or ongoing service agreement arrangements

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Giving back business leader’s time to continue focusing on critical core business areas

Why Choose
On Course HR?

Trusted Advisor

Trusted guidance acting with integrity, , reliability and a singular focus on client and business needs to provide quality solutions.


Experience from a senior certified professional with a breadth of knowledge offering timely solutions and answers to your HR questions.

Custom Solutions

Providing contemporary best practice, customized, and scalable workforce solutions to elevate HR and achieve business goals.

"Your business performance and workplace culture will be enhanced by an effective HR strategy which aligns with your broader business strategy."

When HR practices are inadequate or offset from overall business strategy, the business may struggle with performance, talent acquisition and retention, workplace culture and other key elements for success. Starting with a conversation about where your business is today, where it is headed, and gaps that may exist, On Course HR lends expertise to provide recommended solutions that can be implemented to help your business thrive, grow, and prosper.

Sandy Epperson, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Founder, Principle Consultant

On Course Feels Like an
Extension of Your Team

No matter the project type or business size, at the heart of service for any On Course HR client is providing value. Beginning with a knowledge of the business, industry and culture, HR solutions can be tailored and aligned to achieve desired business outcomes.

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Medical and Dental
Airport and Aviation

Pricing to Fit Your Business Need

Per Project

An all-inclusive rate provided for completion of a valuable HR related project.

Fractional HR Services

A cost effective and flexible solution for on-demand or set hours per month.

Hourly Rate

If the business prefers an as-needed support arrangement, an hourly fee is available.

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