Human Resource Assessment

A Very Valuable Roadmap

An HR audit provides insight to identifying any compliance related concerns but also offers valuable recommendations for implementing best practices to stay current and competitive. With the challenge of finding and retaining good talent as well as the myriad of ever changing employment laws, carefully evaluating your current HR practices makes good business sense.

The best way to move forward with the most effective human resource system possible is to take a thorough look at what your business is doing today. Human resource assessments involve a company's action to take an objective look at its HR policies, procedures and practices. This type of comprehensive review of the company's current state can help to identify whether specific practice areas or processes are adequate, legal and/or effective. The results obtained from this review can help to identify gaps in HR practices. These gaps can then be prioritized for attention in an effort to achieve and maintain a strong competitiveness in key HR practice areas and also to mitigate legal compliance issues and exposure to lawsuits.

A successful audit process includes:

  • Determining the desired scope of the assessment (comprehensive, targeted, functional or compliance)
  • Reviewing existing HR-related documentation, policies and procedures
  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders
  • Preparing an assessment report providing insightful commentary on the existing HR function
  • Offering helpful "roadmap" guidance for corrective actions or suggested best practice implementation

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