HR Technology – Bridging Support for Success!

June 21, 2022
Sandy Epperson

HR technology is ever-present.  Many aspects of the human resource function are met with an abundance of tech solutions with features for today’s workforce – each promising more effective and efficient HR administration.

The case for HR technology is compelling.  Automating routine administrative tasks coupled with an element of employee self-service can free up significant time for HR professionals to focus on more meaningful activities valuable to the business and present opportunities to increase employee engagement.   While the noted benefits of technology, including efficiency and reduced HR administrative time, are often sought in times of dire need, it’s important to approach the implementation of your investment with careful consideration and adequate internal planning to maximize potential and success from the start.

When I work with clients who seek to incorporate technology in their HR operations, they are occasionally challenged with where to begin.  They keenly understand the issue to be solved but may have difficulty with next steps given limited HR staff resources.  Beginning with how to narrow the ever-growing field of options, putting together RFP’s, evaluating proposals, what questions to ask potential vendors, and how to negotiate – and that’s before the selection.  Once a selection is made and the agreement is signed, technology vendors typically hand off from the salesperson to the implementation team rather quickly.  That team, often working from an implementation timeline, has a focused interest in gathering needed information expeditiously to get their technology solution operational within the organization in an efficient manner.  Since most technology today is highly customizable, this begins a flurry of communication on how the system is to be set up – the establishment of workflows and inputting current company information. 

I frequently see this being an overwhelming time for the organizations I work with.  Not only are the requests for decisions and information coming rapidly from the technology vendor, but clients may also be simultaneously sorting out a disconnected understanding of a feature or customization ability.  The time commitment and people resources needed to implement can be significantly underestimated– even under the best “easy to set-up” scenarios. 

Ready to go?

On Course HR is often engaged to provide services helping this process go more smoothly and return precious time to HR professionals or other business leaders implementing technology for their organizations.  Call today for a complimentary discussion of your project and ways On Course HR can help!

HR Technology vendor selection

  • Helping the client identify options best suited for their organization’s needs
  • Developing and deploying RFP’s
  • Effectively evaluating options
  • Negotiating for the best product and service package

HR Technology set-up and Implementation support

  • Working with the vendor implementation team to facilitate needed information
  • Consulting on proper setup of technology customization including workflows that maximize the solution
  • Developing customized messaging within the system
  • Crafting a new policy to outline the internal process and procedure for the technology

HR Technology Training for the workforce

  • Customized training options to get your workforce better connected to the internal changes, new process or policy, and benefits they will see from the new technology