Improve the Candidate Journey for Recruiting Success

May 13, 2024
Sandy Epperson
A sign that says “we’re hiring"

Recruiting Success! Improve the Candidate Journey

Employers today are likely familiar with the term candidate experience or candidate journey – how employees feel as they go through an organization’s recruiting and hiring process.  It’s important for an employer to be mindful of this for many reasons.   A poorly executed recruiting process can be a significant waste of  the investment of time and financial resources of the company.   Additionally, top talent can represent a competitive advantage for the organization and a poor candidate journey can undermine the ability to attract and retain those employees needed for business success.  It’s also wise to remember that current candidates may become future candidates, employee referral sources, customers, customer referrals, vendors, or other interested parties to the business.

With this in mind, handling candidate touchpoints well throughout recruitment is critical to creating a positive experience for job seekers and ultimately landing the desired candidate. After all, the hiring process is often viewed as an indicator of how the company treats its employees.   At the heart of these touchpoints is a personalized and professional process highlighted by respectful, timely, and transparent communication.  Candidates today expect efficiency with employer hiring and good talent goes quickly – be ready with a buttoned-up process to nail those touchpoints!

Could your organization use some assistance with a process to better attract top talent?  On Course HR provides the following valuable services to elevate your recruiting and hiring process and bolster the candidate experience.
Creating a best-in-class, compliant hiring process
Selecting and implementing recruiting technology
Employer branding
Interview training for hiring managers
Establishing a candidate journey map
Candidate profile and interview guide
Candidate communication
Employee orientation and onboarding