Raising the HR Game in 2023!

January 11, 2023
Sandy Epperson

What are the business HR goals for 2023?  No matter the size of business, there are always opportunities to improve the HR function in the organization and it should be a priority!  Effectively navigating best-in-class workforce practices today can be challenging.  Whether in the early stages recognizing an emerging need for a dedicated HR function, or mid to larger size businesses with the reality that existing resources may not be adequate, there are solutions and services at the ready.  Identifying ways to elevate HR so that it truly drives business goals in 2023 is a win all around!

Start-up businesses should plan carefully to put effective and scalable HR solutions in place that serve the business model well and in the near future.  Available services that can launch the HR function successfully can include:

    • Establishing a contemporary, best practice recruiting process to attract top candidates
    • Evaluating and implementing payroll systems and employee compensation and benefit plans
    • HR vendor partner identification and selection (payroll system, benefits broker, etc.)
    • Understanding compliance with employment laws and employee recordkeeping for the business
    • Creating helpful HR forms, templates, and checklists
    • Identifying proper classification of employees and creation of role descriptions
    • Developing and communicating employment policies or employee handbook

Businesses with existing HR may be lacking time or needed expertise from the current HR team to complete vital initiatives.  Services that can be performed in partnership and collaboration with internal HR staff and business leadership include:

    • Evaluating the existing HR function through an informative and useful assessment
    • Consultation and support for re-organization
    • Updating talent acquisition processes to improve the candidate experience
    • Conducting needed supervisor/employee HR-related training
    • Updating employment policies or an employee handbook
    • Introducing or revising current performance management systems
    • Identifying and implement HR technology for time savings and employee self service

If any of the above align with your current HR needs for 2023, contact Sandy at On Course HR today for a complimentary discussion on services and solutions that can truly help raise your HR game in 2023!